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NAVSTAR GPS Related Acronyms and Abbreviations

AE             Antenna Electronics
A/D            Analog to Digital
AFB            Air Force Base
AFI            Automatic Fault Indication
AFS            Air Force Station
AHRS           Attitude and Heading Reference System
AIMS           Airspace Traffic Control Radar Beacon
               System IFF Mark XII System
A/J            Anti-Jamming
AOC            Auxilliary Output Chip
A-S            Anti-Spoofing
ASIC           Application Specific Integrated Circuit
ATE            Automatic Test Equipment
BCD            Binary Code Decimal
BIH            Bureau International de L'Heure
BIPM           International Bureau of Weights and Measures
BIT            Built-In-Test
BPSK           Bi Phase Shift Keying
C/A-code       Coarse/Acquisition-Code
CADC           Central Air Data Computer
CDMA           Code Division Multiplex Access
CDU            Control Display Unit
CEP            Circular Error Probable
CMOS           Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
C/No           Carrier to Noise Ratio
CRPA           Controlled Radiation Pattern Antenna
CSOC           Consolidated Space Operations Center
CW             Continuous Wave
DAC            Digital to Analog Converter
dB             Decibel
DGPS           Differential GPS
D-Level        Depot Level
DLM            Data Loader Module
DLR            Data Loader Receptable
DLS            Data Loader System
DMA            Defense Mapping Agency
DoD            Department of Defense
DOP            Dilution of Precision
dRMS           Distance Root Mean Square
DRS            Dead Reckoning System
DT&E           Development Test and Evaluation
ECEF           Earth-Centered-Earth-Fixed
ECP            Engineering Change Proposal
EDM            Electronic Distance Measurement
EFIS           Electronic Flight Instrument System
EM             Electro Magnetic
EMCON          Emission Control
ESGN           Electrically Suspended Gyro Navigator
FAA            Federal Aviation Administration
FMS            Foreign Military Sales
FOM            Figure Of Merit
FRPA           Fixed Radiation Pattern Antenna
FRPA-GP        FRPA Ground Plane
GaAs           Gallium Arsenide
GDOP           Geometric Dilution of Precision
GMT            Greenwich Mean Time
GPS            Global Positioning System
HDOP           Horizontal Dilution of Precision
HOW            Hand Over Word
HSI            Horizontal Situation Indicator
HV             Host Vehicle
HQ USAF        Headquarters US Air Force
ICD            Interface Control Document
ICS            Initial Control System
IF             Intermediate Frequency
IFF            Identification Friend or Foe
I-Level        Intermediate Level
ILS            Instrument Landing System
INS            Inertial Navigation System
ION            Institute of Navigation
IOT&E          Initial Operational Test and Evaluation
IP             Instrumentation Port
ITS            Intermediate Level Test Set
JPO            Joint Program Office
J/S            Jamming to Signal Ration
JTIDS          Joint Tactical Information Distribution System
L 1            GPS primary frequency, 1575.42 MHz
L 2            GPS secondary frequency, 1227.6 MHz
LEP            Linear Error Probable
LRIP           Low Rate Initial Production
LRU            Line Replaceable Unit
LO             Local Oscillator
mB             Millibar
MCS            Master Control Station
MCT            Mean Corrective Maintenance Time
MHz            Megahertz (106 Hz)
MLV            Medium Launch Vehicle
MmaxCT         Maximum Corrective Maintenance Time
MOU            Memorandum of Understanding
M/S            Metres per Second
MSL            Mean Sea Level
MTBF           Mean Time Between Failure
MTBM           Mean Time Between Maintenance
N/A            Not Applicable
NAV-msg        Navigation Message
NOSC           Naval Ocean Systems Center
NRL            Naval Research Labratory
NS             Nanosecond (10-9 second)
NSA            National Security Agency
NTDS           Navy Tactical Data System
NTS            Navigation Technology Satellite
OBS            Omni Bearing Select
OCS            Operational Control System
O-Level        Organization Level
OTHT           Over The Horizon Targeting
PC             Personal Computer
P-Code         Precise Code
PDOP           Position Dilution of Precision
PLSS           Precision Location Strike System
P3I            Pre Planned Product Improvement
PPM            Parts Per Million (10-6)
PPS            Precise Positioning Service
PPS-SM         PPS Security Module
PRN            Pseudo Random Noise
PTTI           Precise Time and Time Interval
PVT            Position Velocity and Time
RAM            Reliability and Maintainability
RCVR           Receiver
RF             Radio Frequency
RMS            Root Mean Square
RNAV           Area Navigation
RSS            Root Sum Square
RT             Remote Terminal
RTCA           Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics
RTCM           Ratio Technical Commission for Maritime Services
S/A            Selective Availability
SAMSO          Space and Missile Systems Organization
SBB            Smart Buffer Box
SC             Special Committee
SEP            Spherical Error Probable
SI             International System of Units
SIL            System Integration Labratory
SINS           Shipborne INS
SPS            Standard Positioning Service
SRU            Shop Replacable Unit
STDCDU         Standard CDU
TACAN          Tactical Air Navigation
TAI            International Atomic Time
TBD            To Be Determined
TDOP           Time Dilution of Precision
TFOM           Time Figure Of Merit
TTFF           Time to First Fix
UE             User Equipment
UERE           User Equivalent Range Error
UHF            Ultra High Frequency
USA            United States of America
USNO           US Naval Observatory
UT             Universal Time
UTC            Universal Time Coordinated
VDOP           Vertical Dilution of Precision
VHSIC          Very High Speed Integrated Circuit
VLSIC          Very Large Scale Integrated Circuit
VOR            Very High Frequency (VHF) Omnidirectional Range
WGS-84         World Geodetic System - 1984
YPG            Yuma Proving Ground
1 PPM          1 Pulse Per Minute
1 PPS          1 Pulse Per Second